Important note:

Andrea and Richie, the hosters and main performers of, would like to thank all fans, supporters and members who helped us making the past 10 years to such an exciting journey. We had so much fun during this time and it was a thrill to know that there are people out there who follow us on our way and love to watch what we are doing.

But times are changing and due to some private and work-related issues we can't keep the trannytarts website alive and fresh anymore at this point of our life. Too little time to shoot new stuff, too little time to update and maintain the site in an appropriate way. We could recycle our old stuff again and again and put it on the site as fresh updates, but this is not what the site deserves and this is surely not what our fans deserve.

So we have decided to close the site for at least the next couple of months. Maybe we'll come back one day, when we're less busy, but at the moment we don't think so.

Kind Regards, Andrea and Richie

written in June 2020



Existing members:

The member area will stay online until August-31-2020. You can watch or download all of our movies and photos until that date. But please do yourself a favor and cancel your subscription any time soon.