We just love outdoor sex and getting used and fucked and creampied by guys at loutdoor dogging spots. This movie is a compilation full of hot scenes, where you can watch us getting fucked outdoors. Similar to our esacapades at the local adult theaters, our outdoor escapades are not staged. It's true sex with true strangers in most cases, simply filmed by a cam on a tripod standing beside, with no script, no director, no paid actors... just 100% true amateur fun. Getting fucked by strangers at these dogging spots is just an awesome experience and the over 20 different scenes in this movie will give you a good impression how much fun we had. All scenes in this movie were filmed in 2018 and 2019 and some of them were previously unreleased. We can't await the upcoming outdoor season, which is starting in a few weeks, to have some new dogging fun and give you brand new outdoor porn, with new cocks and new loads.



As we started this website about 10 years ago, the video formats flash movie (flv) and windows movie (wmv) were the first choice for people like us to show their content on websites. But times are changing and today no one wants to see flv and wmv movies anymore. Today mp4 is the standard and since 2014 all new movies in the member area are coming in mp4 format and Full HD quality. But this also means, we have to take all the older movies (filmed until 2013) from the site, step-by-step, and replace them with new mp4versions. And that's what we are doing with this movie. Of course we are giving you brand new content week after week, but we are also replacing the old movies with the new mp4 versions. But... we are not only replacing them one-on-one, in each and any case we are editing the original footage and give you a brand new and more modern cut, and all these relaunches are now coming in mp4 and in the best Full HD quality. At the end, it's a brand new movie so to speak. This movie was originally filmed in 2011, now relaunched in mp4, Full HD, with a new cut and more scenes than the original video had. Watch Andrea getting fucked hard by a t-girl and getting her reward, a huge load in her puss. Awesome creampie scene in this movie.



Brand new movie where you can watch Andrea and TV Susan entertain and getting used by several guys at our house. Three guys are joining the party and while Andrea gets fucked by all of them in the main room, her sissy husband has to do a solo show and entertaining the guys in the neighbour room. You can see Susan fucking her tight ass with her dildos and usually one of the guys watching her, while Andrea gets used a few metres away by one of the other cocks. Once the guy has shot his load in her puss, he gets replaced by the next one and then goes over to Susan to see what this tart is doing now. There are several hot creampie scenes in the movie where you can see the loads dripping out of Andrea's cunt. There are even some pee scenes in the movie where both sluts get pissed on, but that's not the main focus of the movie, mainly you will see Andrea getting fucked and bred, while Susan gets watched by Andrea's lovers.



Outdoor sex with t-girls and crossdressers is just awesome. Lately we have done several outdoor and dogging escapades with our gurls. A few weeks ago we have added a movie with TV Susan being the fuck and cum slut in the woods and today we want to show you another brand new dogging movie. And best of all, more outdoor movies are coming soon, since we have done many more escapades during the past few weeks. Today you can see our hot gurl TV Stephanie having fun at a rest area. In the beginning you can watch Stephanie cruising at that place, she's dressed like a cheap fuck slut and films herself walking around her car. But quickly she finds herself being on her knees and on all fourth, in and around the car. She sucks and swallows and gets multiply ass fucked, bent forward at the car door and doggy on the driver's seat. Like I said, there's nothing better but to watch a hot t-girl getting used outdoors.



Brand new movie, filmed in February 2020, displaying another hot orgy with Nora and Paul, a swinging bi couple and long-time friends of us. We are having fun with them frequently and especially during the last few months we started filming the orgies with them. This was the second orgy with Nora and Paul within a few weeks. This time we wanted them to use both of us. Movie starts with Andrea disciplining and dildo fucking TV Susan, before Paul takes command and fucks Andrea until he shoots a first load deeply into her puss. Nice dripping creampie scene here, but Susan doesn't hesitate and sucks Paul's load out of Andrea's cunt. Afterwards Nora and Andrea are fucking Susan in turn, while Paul enjoys the show. Movie ends with Susan fucking Andrea and then Paul fucking Andrea and breeding her a second time. Now we all needed a break, before the orgy continued. We will upload a second movie from this session soon, displaying the second half of the orgy. Stay tuned ;-)



Andrea says: This movie is the final episode of the hot creampie orgy filmed a few months ago, with Andrea getting fucked and creampied by three guys and CD Paula as the slut who swallowed all loads from Andrea's puss. During this orgy CD Paula also had the order to drink each and any load of pee. This movie combines all these kinky pee scenes filmed during the three-hour orgy, plus the scenes where Andrea used Paula or Paula fucked herself. In this movie you will mainly see Paula as the full service slut for Richie and me. Paula gets filled up with several golden showers. Richie and Paula are also pissing in my mouth but I let it just flow in a bowl to fill up Paula again. And this pervert slut swallows each load to the last drop. By the way, you don't find these scenes in the other movies filmed that day. Not everybody likes that kind of fun and so they can watch the other movies without being harassed by those pee scenes. But if you like kinky pee fun movies, you should give this one a try.



Susan says: This is a brand new gloryhole escapade, filmed on week ago, on February-03-2020. I drove to a smaller porn theater at the highway this time. It was my first visit there, but I had read about this place in the net and knew this theater has some gloryholes, which I now wanted to try out. I arrived at Monday afternoon and the place was not the busiest place I had ever seen, but I saw a few guys walking around and so I went to one of the gloryhole boothes quickly. As usual I wore all the tranny lingerie under the street clothes and once I entered the booth I only had to undress jeans and jacket and put on the wig and heels to get me ready for fun. The first minutes no one entered the booth beside me and so I started fucking myself with a dildo which I attached to the wall and while I did that I heard someone entering the booth and a few seconds later a nice and fully erected cock appearing at the hole. I went down to my knees and started sucking him off. To cut a long story short: During the next 60 minutes I served three different guys and swallowed five loads all in all, with two of them also fucking my ass. This movie displays the first half of the escapade.



Andrea says: Brand new movie, filmed in January 2020. In this movie you can watch me and TV Susan having a private sex party with Nora and Paul, a friendly bi couple. Nora and Paul are long-time friends of us and we are having fun together frequently, you know, partner swapping, with the guys fucking us two girls, or the girls fucking the guys with one or both of them being dressed as hot crossdressers. We are not recording all of these private parties, but the ones we are filming always get launched in the member area. This party was filmed on January-25-2020 so we hope you'll agree that is really brand new content. You can see me fucking Susan and get fucked by Susan and Paul, while Nora has the same kind of fun and let Paul and Susan nailing her again and again. Tag teaming at its best. We hope you'll enjoy this hot private sex party.



Andrea says: This is the second movie filmed during a long and very hot session with TV Jasmine. Richie and me are using and abusing the tart for hours and hours. This hottie calls herself a crossdresser and we agree with that. But that's okay, since the tart is looking really hot und our website is generally not about being a perfect shemale, here it's all about people who want to have some kinky fun. Passion over style. In this second movie you can see me tying Jasmine to a chair at first, until she can't move anymore. Then Richie and me are using her ass and tight fuck hole for our pleasure. I'm fucking Jasmine with two different dildos, while Richie gets out the crop to discipline that amazing ass. This is the second of four movies we have filmed at this session, the third and fourth movie is coming soon.







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