As one of the niches on is displaying superhot gloryhole and theater sex movies, where our t-girls are sucking and fucking cocks at adult theaters and at the gloryholes inside the theaters and video arcades. Multiple cocks in most cases, total anonymous strangers in most cases.

Before you start watching the gloryhole trailer, please allow us to tell you a few words about that gloryhole and theater sex content:


That means, all of our gloryhole and theater escapades are filmed at REAL porn theaters, with REAL strangers that get their cocks sucked off by our sluts. It's NOT a gloryhole setting we have arranged in our basement and now pass it off as real theater boothes. No, our gloryhole movies were shot at real theaters, bookstores, video arcades and similar places. You can see that the place is changing from escapade to escapade. You will also see our sluts parading at the theaters, attracting attention along the dark floors and video booth walls. So: In absolutely each and every case the gloryhole/theater movies were filmed at real theaters and with real strangers using our TV and CD sluts. Men they have never seen before and they will never see again (in most cases at least).

That's what gives us (and hopefully you too) the real big kick. These sluts like cruising the local porn theaters, especially those who have some good video boothes with gloryholes. That's one of our true favourites...

We know that this is probably a very rare niche and we are really convinced that you won't find movies like these anywhere else on the net!



A short but very meaningful interview with one of our gloryhole sluts, TV Susan:



Q: How often do you visit the gloryholes?

A: Depends on how much time I have. Usually one time a month. At least.


Q: Where are all these gloryholes located?

A: They are all in Adult Theaters in or around my hometown. Where I live the most Adult Theaters have, beside the big cinema rooms, several video boothes in it and most of these boothes have gloryholes.


Q: So, you just walking into these Theaters, entering a booth and waiting for the things to come?

A: That's correct. It's simple. I'm looking for a free booth and then I conquer her.


Q: What's with the transformation process? Are you walking into the theater in your female dresses?

A: No, never. When I'm entering the theater I'm a man. Usually I'm changing clothes not until I'm inside the booth.


Q: Sounds very uncomfortable...

A: I have most of the lingerie under my man's clothes...


Q: Really?

A: Yes. When I enter the theater I'm already wearing the stockings, sleeves, gowns and so on under my trousers and my jacket. When I'm in the booth I only have to put on the wig and the high boots to switch into the cocksucking tranny slut. Simple.


Q: Are you arranging meetings at the hole, let's say with guys you met on internet sites, or are these guys really strangers?

A: I tried arranging meetings, but I learned that it's much easier to do the holes without arranging anything. The best and most simple way is just to go out when you're hungry for cocks and cum. At these places you always find one or more cocks to have fun with. And I really like these spontaneity. I'm hot, I visit the theater, someone puts his cock through the hole, I suck it off, I switch. It's great.


Q: Are you sucking off EVERY cock at the hole?

A: As long as he's not stinky or stuff, yes, sure. That's why I'm there.


Q: How many cocks did you sucked in your life and how many at the holes?

A: I don't count. Several hundreds I guess. Most of them at the holes.


Q: When did you started filming your escapades?

A: To be honest I just started filming as I met you guys (and girl) from trannytarts. Today I deeply regret that I started filming so late and missed so many cocks and cumshots on the tapes. Too bad. But today I'm always happy when you both escorting me to the theaters and filming me doing the dirty work.


Q: Please describe - in a few words - what makes the gloryhole experience so extraordinarily good...

A: Hard to say in a few words. It's just awesome. You don't know who's inside the neighbour booth. You just see and taste his cock. You make him cum and that's what make me happy. It's the darkness, it's the suspense, it's the tension. What will happen this day? It's just like a playing field for adults, where everbody can do what he wants. I confess, it's a bit of an obsession, there's this little bird inside me forcing me to do the hole frequently, especially when I had a break of let's say 4 weeks or so. I'm addicted to it.


Q: Thank you darling. See you at the hole.

A: Be my guest :-)




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